What Happens if You Fail as a Caregiver?

New caregivers often feel as if they’re in the deep end of a pool. There’s an awful lot of water there and you might not have a lot of confidence in your ability to swim out of it. But if you focus too much on the potential for failure, you might miss your chances to succeed.

Caregiver in Port St. Lucie FL: What Happens if You Fail as a Caregiver?

Caregiver in Port St. Lucie FL: What Happens if You Fail as a Caregiver?

Fear of Failure Can Paralyze You.

When you doubt yourself and your decisions as a caregiver, you’re opening the door for doubt and fear. Fearing failure can make you freeze up and automatically do nothing. That’s going to fulfill that fear and you didn’t even have to do anything wrong, really. Give up on worrying about what happens if you mess up. Go ahead and accept that you’re going to make mistakes.

You Need to Find Your Path.

Realizing that you’re going to make mistakes can actually be rather freeing. It gives you a chance to make your own way as a caregiver and to explore the different options available to you. There’s an awful lot about caring for someone else that allows for trial and error, even if you don’t believe that at first. There’s more than one right way to do most things.

Confidence Comes from Experiencing Success.

One of the biggest ways for you to experience greater confidence is to revel in your successes, even if they seem tiny to you. When something goes right or you have a positive experience, celebrate it. You’re gradually going to realize that when you allow yourself to celebrate your successes, they grow and you experience more of them.

Focus on What You Do Right.

Lots of people who are new to caregiving focus on where they made mistakes in order to not make those mistakes the same way. But what if you focus more on what you do right? That gives those seeds a better chance of growing and that’s what you want. Even in situations that don’t go exactly the way that you want, pick out the things that you did right and magnify those.

What you regard as failure is likely not what anyone else in your life would regard the same way. Remember that you’re doing as much as you can as a caregiver. Some days are going to be better than others and that’s okay. The more you embrace what you do right, the less you’ll worry about doing things wrong.

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