I am so pleased with the care I am receiving from Rocio. I am getting over and beyond what I have had from other homecare caregivers. Activa is the only private-duty-home-care-delray-beach-floridaagency I will use in the future.

I have never experienced such wonderful people. Yvonne taught me how to provide my husband’s IV infusion with such skill and confidence and Willie worked so hard to get my husband as strong and independent as possible. They were so nice, so kind and so smart.

Just finished our 1st week of 12 hour shifts each day. I couldn’t be happier! Love our caregivers!

Thank you to Activa’s outstanding therapy team, Carol, Cary and Willie!

As my parents have aged, I have had the occasion to work with skilled home health agencies in and around Lake Worth several times. I can say without hesitation that your agency stands head and shoulders above the others. My sincere thanks to Activa and especially Rocio, for a job well done.

You have a wonderful nursing staff – in particular Marivic. I am very grateful for the kind, gentle and caring people at Activa!

Cindy has been a lifesaver for my mother, we love her!

I cannot praise Willie enough for the care he provided to me. He was very special and we should be thankful to have him as I was very thankful to have him provide the care to me that he did. Also, the home health aide, Juliette, was wonderful. Juliette went out of her way for me and she explained everything to me as she assisted me with my activities.

Cary was so professional and very helpful. Willie was AMAZING. I sincerely appreciate the services and the progress I was able to make under their care.

My husband and I are so pleased with the care that Yvonne provided to him. My husband is making great progress with his therapy and will continue. Yvonne was absolutely wonderful.

Your staff is wonderful and Yvonne is just terrific. She is pleasant, efficient and extraordinary!

No one has ever impressed me more than your nurse, Clara. Her compassion, professionalism, concerns for both my husband and me, were and are exceptional. With her talent and patience she taught me how to administer IV medication via a pump. I really don’t think I would have been able to achieve the success I had as quickly and confidently as I did without her. Thank you so much for giving my husband and me this outstanding nurse.

Too often people like to complain but I want to acknowledge those who cared for me. My stay in rehab was for 2 months because of a hip fracture and I was not walking when I came home. I am thankful that I started walking within two weeks. My praises go out to Cary, Jackie, Yvonne and Laurie for their knowledge, care and kindness.

My husband and I want to tell you that nurse Shelly has been an absolute delight! She is caring and competent, and way above that. She is extremely thorough and helpful, upbeat and cheerful, and we have felt reassured by her competence and involvement. It is wonderful to be able to rely on a professional when you feel ill and vulnerable and have that person meet your needs and be upbeat and caring. I thank you for having such a great gal on your staff and have mentioned to my doctor how much we appreciated your service.

Dear Elissa, Kelly, and all the wonderful staff at Activa: Thank you for always helping our patients, going above and beyond is your forte! This is why we always send our home health needs to the experts! Sincerely, Dr. Feinstein

Rocio was so much better than any nurse that I had in the hospital. She was professional, attentive and unbelievable with regards to the care she provided to me. Cary was GREAT…so professional. He saw my determination to get well and ran with it. I am so very thankful. Willie also saw my determination; he was awesome, had a great demeanor and was extremely professional. Juliette was professional, she was great and she knew how to care of me.

A special thank you to Activa and especially Sharon and Olga for the services, attitude and care given to my husband. They made a real difference in my husband’s life.

Jackie and Cary provided excellent care and are very good at what they do. I will definitely use Activa again.

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