National Radon Action Month – What is Radon and How Does It Affect Your Dad’s Health?

The EPA named January as National Radon Action Month. Radon is not something you can smell. You can't see it. It is, however, a dangerous radioactive gas that can be present in homes and lead to serious health issues. Has your dad's home been tested for radon? Understanding the Dangers of Radon. Radon is a gas produced as other elements, such as uranium in bedrock, break down. It doesn't … [Read more...]

5 Toenail Care Tips for Family Caregivers

You are doing a wonderful job providing elderly care for your aging parent and providing for their needs from their head down to their toes. But how much do you really know about toenail care for elderly people? Just like other parts of the body, the toenails change with age, requiring you to take some time with your loved one’s feet. With this handy toenail tip list, family caregivers like you … [Read more...]

The Benefits Your Parent and Children Can Get from Spending Time Together

Elderly Care in West Palm Beach FL September is Intergeneration Month. This is the perfect time for you to evaluate your care efforts as a sandwich generation caregiver and identify ways that you can combine these care efforts so that your aging loved one and your children are able to spend more time together reaping the benefits not just of your care, but of their presence in each other's lives … [Read more...]

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