Four Ways to Get Better Sleep that Your Senior Might Not Consider

Getting better sleep is a big goal for so many aging adults. But if she hasn’t considered some of the things that she does while she’s awake, she might not be doing all that she can to get that quality sleep that she needs. Get Out in the Sun and Commune with Nature Getting outside and enjoying nature, whether that’s on a hiking trail or in a park down the street, is a crucial part of … [Read more...]

Are you Sick of Fido? Why Your Mom’s Dog is Important to Her and Elderly Care near Jupiter, FL

“One Daughter’s Story near Jupiter, FL” Lynn was taking care of her mother for some time. Her mother was 82 years old and her vision had become problematic, as well as her ability to care for herself at home. However, her mother refused to consider other living options, such as assisted living, mostly because of her beloved dog, Millie. So Lynn accepted the role of an elderly care provider for … [Read more...]

Elder Care Jupiter FL: Talking with a Parent about Driving

For so many years, we depended on our parents to drive us to school, to sporting events, to a friend's house, or just about anywhere we needed to go until we got our own driver's license. As our parents age, it will be our turn to return the favor and drive them where they need to go.  This will include taking them to doctor appointments, hair appointments, grocery shopping, and other errands.  As … [Read more...]

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