Specialty Care Programs

specialty-care-programsActiva Home Health has developed the following line of Specialty Care Programs to better treat patients with specific disease states.

If you would like to learn more about these programs and the positive outcomes they achieve, please fill out an information request form or call us at 561-819-4112.

Activa_PulmoCarePulmoCare is the flagship Specialty Care program at Activa. Respiratory therapists, nurses and physical therapists work together to provide the most comprehensive respiratory care and pulmonary rehabilitation available in the home. Patients are taught to manage their dyspnea (shortness of breath) through breathing exercises and energy conservation technique. Spirometry, oximetry, peak flow, and incentive spirometers are all often used as part of the care plan.

Activa_CardioCareCardioCare takes a multi-disciplinary approach to managing CHF and other cardiac related conditions. Diet, exercise, medication management and prevention of exacerbations resulting in hospitalizations are focus points of the program. Weight scales and telemedicine are used to monitor a patient’s ongoing condition. If necessary, PT/INR testing in the home is used to manage Anti-coagulation therapy.

Activa_OrthoCareOrthoCare specializes in individualized, home based physical therapy for patients who have had bone or joint replacement surgery. This program is managed by physical therapists with extensive experience and clinical expertise with joint replacement. Activa follows evidence-based best clinical practice standards, and our staff will gladly follow preferred treatment protocols as directed by the Orthopedic Surgeon.

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