Is Your Senior’s COPD Getting Worse?

COPD is a progressive illness because there is no cure for it and it gradually becomes worse and worse. It might not be easy for you or your senior to pinpoint exactly when her COPD is worsening, though. Exacerbations, or temporary worsening of symptoms, might be more common, but here are some other signs that your senior’s condition is getting more serious.

She’s Embarrassed about COPD Symptoms

Home Care Port St. Lucie, FL: COPD and Seniors

Having COPD can be embarrassing, but your senior might express this more if her symptoms are getting worse. Changes, like needing more medication or starting to use oxygen, can make her feel as if she’s calling attention to her condition more and more. This can be difficult to face, and it can cause her symptoms to become worse simply because she’s upset. This ends up being a vicious cycle for her.

Those Symptoms Are Getting Worse
COPD is tied to your senior’s symptoms. If those are getting worse regularly, then odds are very high that her condition overall is worsening, too. Your elderly family member might notice that inhalers or oral medications that used to work well for her no longer do. Or she may experience shortness of breath in situations that didn’t cause issues in the recent past. There may be one symptom that your elderly family member focuses on more than others.

Daily Activities Are Increasingly Difficult
It takes far more energy than you realize to breathe. Once your senior is dealing with COPD, she starts to realize just how much energy different tasks require from her. When COPD worsens, those activities become more and more difficult for her. It might be time to hire home care providers so that your elderly family member can conserve the energy that she needs just to get oxygen moving through her body.

Depression or Anxiety Are Increasing, Too
When your elderly family member is having trouble breathing, that can cause other issues to become worse, too. She may feel anxious more often or she might be feeling depressed. All of this goes along with the difficulty breathing that she’s experiencing, but it makes keeping a positive attitude far more difficult for your senior. Talking with a therapist can help, as can joining a support group.

There may not be much that you can do about worsening COPD symptoms other than help your elderly family member to be as comfortable as possible. Talk with her doctor about any other accommodations you can make for her. Accepting that this is how this illness works may be what she needs to do.

Excerpt: It’s so frustrating and upsetting for your senior when her COPD worsens.

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