Hearing Aid Care in Warm Weather

If your older relative uses a hearing aid, you may not think too much about it. Sure, it’s a handy device that improves their quality of life because it makes it possible for them to enjoy conversations. But, aside from occasionally changing the batteries, you may not give the care of a hearing aid much thought. However, there’s actually more to it than that. During warm weather, hearing aids need a little extra care because they can be harmed by moisture and humidity. Knowing what is needed can increase the usable life of your loved one’s hearing aid.


Avoid Moisture and Heat

Elderly Care in Lauderhill, FL: Hearing Aid Care in Warm Weather

Elderly Care in Lauderhill, FL: Hearing Aid Care in Warm Weather

There are all sorts of ways hearing aids can get wet during warm weather. There’s swimming, rain, and even sweating. Seniors should remove their hearing aids before engaging in any activities that get them wet. It’s a good idea to keep a container with the older adult to place the hearing aid in so it does not get lost or damaged. They should also be kept in a place where they won’t be exposed to sunlight. Do not place them in the glove compartment or on the dashboard of a car.

If the hearing aid does get wet, turn it off and take the battery out. Use a soft towel to dry the hearing aid. You can also get a dryer that is specially made for hearing aids. Using a hair dryer isn’t recommended, but if you must use one, put it on the cool setting.

Sunscreen and bug spray can also damage hearing aids. Take out hearing aids before applying lotions and sprays. Before putting hearing aids back in, make sure lotion is completely rubbed in and sprays have dried.


Take Proper Steps at Night

When the older adult removes their hearing aid at night, take the battery out and leave the battery door open overnight to allow for air flow. Use a soft cloth to wipe away any sand, ear wax, or debris that has collected throughout the day. You may also wish to place the device in a dehumidifier made especially for hearing aids. There are many kinds available at a variety of prices. Some are low-tech kits that use silica gel crystals to absorb moisture while others are electrical devices that can also kill bacteria.

An elderly care provider can assist with hearing aid care. Elderly care providers can remind the older adult to take out their hearing aid before going swimming or engaging in other activities that may get it wet. At night, they can help to remove the battery and leave the battery door open. Elderly care providers can also assist with changing the battery, which may be hard for seniors who have lost some hand dexterity.


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