Four Ways to Get Better Sleep that Your Senior Might Not Consider

Getting better sleep is a big goal for so many aging adults. But if she hasn’t considered some of the things that she does while she’s awake, she might not be doing all that she can to get that quality sleep that she needs.

Get Out in the Sun and Commune with Nature

Elder Care Jupiter FL: Better Sleep For Seniors

Elder Care Jupiter FL: Better Sleep For Seniors

Getting outside and enjoying nature, whether that’s on a hiking trail or in a park down the street, is a crucial part of health and well-being. Exposure to sunlight helps to produce vitamin D and encourages the brain to produce melatonin on a regular schedule. Sunlight also helps to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.

Find Ways to Relax During the Day

Finding time to relax and to unwind during waking hours can make sleep easier to attain. Activities like meditation, reading, or even doing something creative like making art can all be a big part of keeping your senior’s brain active and yet relaxed. If an activity is frustrating or causes her distress, that’s probably not going to have the effect that she ultimately wants. It’s okay to experiment a bit before she finds the right combination for her.

Step Away from Electronics

Technology has done so much for people, no matter their age. Unfortunately, too much exposure to technology and to electronic devices can be a detriment. Spending some time “unplugged” can be a great way for your elderly family member to recharge in a different way. Unplugging can also help her to get some sleep when she’s finally ready to give it a try.

Establish an Evening Self-care Routine

Bedtime routines aren’t just for kids. Parents use bedtime routines with their children because they’re effective. The routine serves as gentle cues to the brain and to the body that it’s time to wind down and to go to sleep. Smart adults follow bedtime routines that have an element of self-care to them, too. Your senior’s routine might involve drinking a calming herbal tea, reading for a while, or even soaking in a warm bath. Whatever is soothing and that contributes to her well-being can be a great step to add to the routine.

You may not be able to be there to help your aging family member to determine which of these changes she’d like to try. It’s also possible that having someone there with her can make these changes a lot easier for her to navigate. Elder care providers can be that supportive person that she needs.


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