Four Fast Tips for Blasting Stress

Being a caregiver means dealing with stress. And sometimes that stress comes out of nowhere with the speed of light. Your responses to stress also need to come at the speed of light and they will if you practice.

Rephrase What You’re Thinking Right Now

Caregiver Coral Springs, FL:Four Fast Tips for Blasting Stress

Caregiver Coral Springs, FL:Four Fast Tips for Blasting Stress

When stress hits you right between the eyes your first thoughts are not going to be pretty. You can’t necessarily help that just yet, but what you can do is learn how to quickly rephrase what you’re thinking. So, when those first thoughts hit, immediately start thinking about how you can rephrase it in a positive light. When you do that, it takes the negative aspect out of the situation and forces you to focus on positivity right away.

Find Something to Laugh about Right Then
Laughing is medicine, they say, and they say that for a reason. Find something to laugh about right then, as soon as the stress is biting your heels. Keep a few jokes in your pocket that always make you laugh or keep a funny meme or picture on your phone that you can access immediately. Laughing lowers your blood pressure and cues your body to release endorphins. Even if the situation you’re in isn’t so funny, laughing about something else can help you to cope.

Look at What’s Next in Your Routine
Routine may not always be the most fun part of life as a caregiver, but it can save you when you’re hit by stress. Look at what’s next in your daily routine. Is it washing dishes or some other boring activity? That might be the best thing for you right now. Get lost in an activity that doesn’t require you to solve a problem or do any heavy thinking. You’ll also check something off your to do list.

Slow Your Breathing, Your Speech, and Your Thoughts
Have you noticed what happens when you get stressed, especially when you get stressed very quickly? Odds are that your thoughts, how you talk, and even your breathing all speed up. Make a conscious effort when you’re stressed to slow down your breathing. Deliberately slow your thinking and if you’re talking, slow down your words. This can help everything slow down, including your responses to the stress you’re experiencing.

As a caregiver you’re going to experience a variety of situations that send you into stress very fast. As you get better about responding with something that actually works for you, you may find that your overall stress levels decline.

Excerpt: Stress can strike you fast, so you need to learn some techniques for getting rid of it fast.

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