Close to 8 Million U.S. Seniors Don’t Have Family Nearby and Face These Risks

Wall Street Journal reported that almost 8 million seniors don’t have friends or family they can rely on. Some never married or had kids, others don’t live close enough. If your parent is in that situation, they face several risks that you should address.

Home Care in Delray Beach FL: Isolation and Senior Safety

Home Care in Delray Beach FL: Isolation and Senior Safety

Falling Without Anyone Knowing.

If your parent fell or had a stroke while alone, how long would it be before anyone noticed? For some seniors, days pass. It isn’t until mail and newspapers pile up that a delivery person might notice. There are also cases of weeks and months passing. At that point, it can be too late.

A medic alert system may help, but it’s only useful if your parent wears the pendant or wristband. If your parent were to suffer a stroke or head injury during the fall, pushing a button may be impossible. Only systems with fall detection would be helpful.

Becoming Lonely.

Even if nothing happens, your mom or dad is at risk of loneliness. If your parent can’t drive, chances of going out for social activities are minimal. If your parent lives far from a town, city, or neighbor, odds of isolation and loneliness are even higher.

Studies find that loneliness increases the risk of physical and mental health issues. One of the more prevalent ones is depression. If your parent is alone all day and night for days or weeks, it’s important to watch for signs of depression. They include changes to appetite, sleeping patterns, and mood.

Being Scammed.

Sometimes, a lonely senior citizen will pick up the phone just to converse with whoever is calling. Scammers know this. They want to create a connection that will make the senior fall for the scam. Plus, the longer they get the senior to talk, the more they can learn and use that information in future calls where they want to get additional money.

Sweetheart scams are one of the many scams that target a senior’s loneliness. Seniors believe they’ve found true love, but the person they’ve been talking to is simply after their money.

In each of these situations, home care services can help. With caregivers available for companionship and welfare checks, seniors aren’t at risk of becoming lonely or having no one notice something’s wrong. Home care services also include transportation to ensure a senior is able to get out to visit friends, join social programs at museums, libraries, and senior centers.

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