Kitchen Appliances Your Parents Need for Nutritious Meals

Are you worried that your parents aren't eating well? They may be eating enough, but that doesn't mean they're getting the right nutrients. Processed foods are often simple for a senior to prepare, but they're unhealthy choices. Traditional cooking methods may be too much for your parents as they age. They don't need to focus on takeout meals or processed foods. These appliances can help your … [Read more...]

How Can Technology Help You with Being a Distance Caregiver?

Being a family caregiver for an aging parent poses many challenges. If you live at a distance from your senior, and are not able to be in the home with them on a regular basis, these challenges can even be increased. This requires you to be even more conscientious about planning your care efforts, and taking advantage of as many resources and tools as you possibly can to ensure the quality and … [Read more...]

Bath Safety Tips for Seniors with Cognitive Functioning Decline

If you are a family caregiver for an elderly adult who is living with cognitive functioning decline, you understand that tasks that might seem simple or straightforward for you can pose challenges and even serious dangers for your loved one. Recognizing these dangers and taking steps to reduce the risks encourages your parent to manage their personal care tasks safely, effectively, and comfortably … [Read more...]

Tips for Helping Your Parent Overcome Depression

Senior Care in West Palm Beach FL Once hushed up and not discussed, depression is something that has come into the forefront in recent years as a condition that millions face throughout the United States each year, and something that no one should be ashamed or embarrassed about. This medical condition is one that can have extensive and lasting impact on the mental, emotional, cognitive, and even … [Read more...]

A Social Media Primer for Seniors

Senior Care in West Palm Beach FL The internet has changed lives and with a little bit of training (and patience), seniors can be taught to not only use these tools, but to enjoy them. All of these also have mobile applications so they can be used on a tablet or smartphone as well.   Skype Skype is a software that allows its users to make voice and video calls across the internet to … [Read more...]

When Family is a Major Part of Positive Senior Care

Senior Care in West Palm Beach FL Donald and Marcie had been married for 35 years by the time Marcie’s mother had her first mild stroke. They had remained living relatively close to Marcie’s mother because Marcie was concerned that at some point in time she may need assistance and she didn’t have many friends in the area. There were no other family members, either, so Marcie couldn’t even … [Read more...]

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