What Happens if You Fail as a Caregiver?

New caregivers often feel as if they’re in the deep end of a pool. There’s an awful lot of water there and you might not have a lot of confidence in your ability to swim out of it. But if you focus too much on the potential for failure, you might miss your chances to succeed. Fear of Failure Can Paralyze You. When you doubt yourself and your decisions as a caregiver, you’re opening the … [Read more...]

How Do You Move Past Sibling Rivalry and Focus on a Parent’s Care?

Sibling rivalry often delves into three areas. One is jealousy. A sibling might feel that mom or dad appreciates the other sibling more. There's also the competitive nature that can occur as siblings battle each other for attention. Finally, there's the fighting that can occur. It can be hard to push these feelings aside even when you reach your adult years. How Does Sibling Rivalry Affect … [Read more...]

Avoid Burnout with Elderly Care Providers

Aretha had been taking care of her aging mother for just over a year when she suffered a stroke. Before that, Aretha was successfully able to balance her mother’s needs with her own family, plus continue to work. However, now her mother’s daily care needs were quickly becoming overwhelming. Aretha had dropped from full-time to part time at her work and was not finding enough time or energy to … [Read more...]

Making the Most of National Time Management Month

Any time you're feeling rushed and pushed around as a caregiver, it's probably due to time management issues. Since February is National Time Management Month, this is the perfect time for you to get a better handle on where your time is going. Plan Your Schedule Before Anyone Else's. This might sound backwards, especially if you're handling your elderly family member's schedule as well … [Read more...]

Coping with Your Emotions After Learning Your Parent Has Cancer

Hearing that your aging parent has cancer can hit you hard. You are likely to experience a range of emotions over the hours, days, weeks, and even months after this diagnosis. Coping with these emotions properly and working through them in a constructive and beneficial way is extremely important for maintaining your own mental emotional health and well-being, and ensuring that you can continue to … [Read more...]

Sons Caring for Aging Parents are Growing in Numbers

Pew Research took a look at family caregivers in 2015. What they found was that there's a shift in who offers care to an aging parent. It used to be primarily a daughter's role. Now, more sons are taking over as caregiver to their mother or father. What Statistics Show. The 2015 Pew Social Trends report states that 37 percent of adults in the U.S. provide some care for an aging family … [Read more...]

Support Groups for you and your Parent

Spending time and communicating with others who are going through similar situations as yourself is often one of the best anecdotes when you are feeling overwhelmed, isolated or in-over-your-head. For your parent, having the opportunity to communicate with others traveling along the same life path can ease fears and provide needed companionship. There are numerous support groups available to both … [Read more...]

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