What Happens if You Fail as a Caregiver?

New caregivers often feel as if they’re in the deep end of a pool. There’s an awful lot of water there and you might not have a lot of confidence in your ability to swim out of it. But if you focus too much on the potential for failure, you might miss your chances to succeed. Fear of Failure Can Paralyze You. When you doubt yourself and your decisions as a caregiver, you’re opening the … [Read more...]

Why Your Aging Relative Needs More Summer Smoothies

When warm temperatures are here, it’s important to keep elderly relatives cool and hydrated. Seniors are most at risk for developing heat-related conditions like heat exhaustion and heat stroke due to challenges in regulating their own body temperature. Dehydration is also another real danger for the elderly in the summer months. Family caregivers and senior care providers can help elderly … [Read more...]

Coping with Heart Valve Disease

Caregiver in Port St. Lucie FL The heart valves are an important component of the body because it allows blood to flow freely to the heart. Without valves that work properly, blood and oxygen will not be able to make its way to this vital organ, possibly resulting in a heart attack or stroke. Depending on the severity of the elder’s condition, they may need surgery to replace their heart … [Read more...]

International Museum Day

Caregiver in Port St. Lucie FL May 18 is International Museum Day. On this day, plan an adventure that will help you to pursue your caregiver goals while also making memories with your aging parent. A visit to a museum canbe a hugely beneficial experience to enjoy with your aging parent. There are many different types of museums available, which means that you can select the one that is best for … [Read more...]

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