Why Won’t Anyone Listen to Me? I Don’t Need Home Care Services in Delray Beach FL!

(A story)

First, I want to tell you that I may be in my 80s, and I might not know my way around these new fangled computers like my grandkids, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to write a letter, or send an email.  It also doesn’t mean that I need to have someone come to my home to take care of me at least not now.  When my daughter brought up the idea of home care services, I wish you all could have seen my face.  I think I might have melted stone with that look.Home Care Services Delray Beach FL

Who was she to say I needed some kind of in home care provider?  I can get out of bed, I can make my way to the shower, and I can even use the toilet … all by myself, thank you very much.  So, I had a little mishap a couple of months ago when I forget about the toast.  A bit of smoke filled the kitchen, and the smoke detectors went off.  I had my hearing aid off and didn’t notice the alarm until those two nice men from the fire department were banging on my window (they could see me knitting by the picture window).

They were so nice, but now I think that it might have been those two that started this whole idea kicking around in my daughter’s head.  It was one little mistake, one little oversight, and now she wants to have a warden keep track of me in my own prison.

I lost my license over a year ago, and while I don’t miss driving, with all those kids texting and swerving at the last minute, it makes it tough to get to the store, and the occasional doctor’s appointment (you know, us old folks have more doctors and probes than any university or alien convention).  So I ask my daughter.  I wish I hadn’t now, because I think that’s given her more ammunition to use against me.

She lets it go for a few weeks, but then the topic comes up again, and again.  I just wish people would listen to me; I don’t need home care services of any kind.  I’ve taken care of myself for more than 60 years, and I’m doing fine now.  I guess sometimes they just want the best for me, but I just want to be independent.  At least for as long as I can.  It just about seems to be the last thing I can truly control.

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