Why Do So Many Doctors Recommend Swimming for the Elderly?

Your senior’s doctor may have recommended that she start exercising. In fact, one of the activities he might have mentioned could very well be swimming. It’s a popular activity for aging adults and there are plenty of good reasons for that.

Elderly Care in Boynton Beach FL: Swimming

Elderly Care in Boynton Beach FL: Swimming

It’s Easy on Damaged Joints.

Few exercises are as low impact as swimming is. The phrase “low impact” refers to the fact that there’s no jostling or jolting of your senior’s joints. She’s able to get plenty of solid exercise in without aggravating joints that might be inflamed or irritated by arthritis or other conditions. Since your senior isn’t even putting weight on any of her extremities, she can often exercise for longer than she might be able to with other activities such as walking.

It Can Help Build Muscle Tone.

Swimming involves your senior’s entire body and it makes her work for every bit of movement that she gets in. Even if she’s only doing water aerobics while standing in the shallow end, she’s building more muscle tone than if she’s walking alone. This is because the water provides resistance, which muscles need in order to grow stronger. Muscle tone is so important for the elderly because they often lose muscle tone way too easily and that can leave her vulnerable to falling later.

It’s Great Cardiovascular Exercise.

While swimming works your senior’s larger muscle groups, it also works her heart and her lungs. Getting her heart rate up helps to strengthen it and improve her stamina overall. As her heart pumps more efficiently, it’s able to move the blood through her body more efficiently, which improves her circulation.

Your Senior Can Meet People at the Pool.

Swimming can be a solitary exercise, certainly, but it’s also a great way for your elderly family member to meet new people. Many pools and fitness centers that have pools set aside times and classes for elderly adults. If your elderly family member has been trying to keep her social life active, then meeting people who have similar interests while she’s exercising can be a really easy way for her to find new friends. Some of those new friends may be a part of her life for years to come.

If your elderly family member is taking up swimming, it’s really important to schedule regular times for her to head to the pool. Not all of those times may mesh with your schedule, though, so consider hiring elderly care providers to head out to the pool with your aging adult.

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