Why a Caregiver in Jupiter FL can be considered a Hero!

Most of the time these days, the term ‘hero’ is bandied around a bit too much.  The person who is in the right place at the right time is labeled a hero.  A woman that tips more than 20% at a restaurant is suddenly a hero.  But there are those who are actually heroes, and those who are just people doing what they do.  So is it wrong to call a caregiver a hero?Caregiver Jupiter FL

The answer would depend on the person calling the home care provider, or other caregiver calling them that, and the reason for it.   However, for anyone who understands what it means to provide a high level of care to a loved one, the term hero may very well fit, and there are a few good reasons for that.

The first is that without their level of care and compassion, the elderly individual who is receiving the care may have to deal with more serious concerns in the future.  When you have someone arrive at the scene of an emergency, such as a heart attack, and they work tirelessly, and save that person’s life.  They are called a hero, and with good reason.

So what about the person who sits there with that same elderly individual, makes sure that they have everything that they need and provides the right level of support for them so that they don’t have a heart attack in the first place?  Why should we simply call someone who saves a life a hero, but not the person who helped to prevent the emergency situation in the first place?

This is part of the conundrum of preventive care.  People who take the time to help out those who might need it, just because the sirens aren’t blaring in the distance, slowly growing closer, doesn’t mean that they aren’t providing a life-saving or heroic act.

The goal of any hero is to save lives, and to ensure that people are protected.  Isn’t that the underlying basis of being a caregiver?  Isn’t that what people who provide that level of care to someone is doing when they go into work every day?

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