Who Do You Rely on for Elderly Care? Do You Need to Reexamine Your Choices?

Elderly Care Port St. Lucie: Who Do You Rely on for Elderly Care? Do You Need to Reexamine Your Choices?

Elderly Care Port St. Lucie: Who Do You Rely on for Elderly Care? Do You Need to Reexamine Your Choices?

Is your family like many others? Do you split up the care your mom and dad need? In some families, one member is designated as the family caregiver, why? Because that person has the lowest paying job or doesn’t depend on a steady income as much as others in the family. Is it always fair? Probably not given the rates of caregiver burnout.

Think about your own family’s caregiving plan. Is it you that provides the bulk of the care? How did you come to fill this role? Most importantly, did you want the responsibility? If you have grown tired of your role or are finding yourself burning out, it’s time to speak up.

What Should You Talk About?

With time, your parents’ needs will change. You might have started out helping with meals and transportation, but now you’re also helping them with medications, cleaning, and laundry. Your to-do list for them has doubled. If this is happening, your siblings need to know that you’re doing twice the work and have less time for your own family and friends.

Your parents may be having a hard time accepting help from their children. It can make them feel like burdens. They may simply be happier with professional elderly care services. You need to give them that choice.

What Can Families Do When Help is Limited?

This is where careful planning is necessary. You need to make sure everyone is helping out as best they can. Say your sister is doing all the cooking, you balance things out by doing all of the cleaning. Meanwhile, your brother feels that cleaning the pool once a month in the summer is enough help. It’s time to address that.

Everyone close to your parents should help out. You might not have a lot of luck getting them to agree, but you should at least try. If you need support, a neutral party like a social worker can help you prioritize responsibilities.

Advocate for yourself. Self-care is important if you want to avoid caregiver burnout. If you do burn out, it could leave your parents struggling. At that point, people would have to drop everything. It’s better to split tasks and prevent burnout from the start.

Do You Know What Respite Care Is?

Talk to an elderly care agency about respite care. Your family can save money on elderly care costs by only hiring caregivers to help out a few hours a week or month. You all still split the care the majority of the time, but when you all want a break, you have a professional caregiver to take over. Call today to discuss respite care.

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