What is Your Backup Plan if Something Happens at Your Mom’s Home?

Senior Care Boynton Beach FL: What is Your Backup Plan if Something Happens at Your Mom's Home?

Senior Care Boynton Beach FL: What is Your Backup Plan if Something Happens at Your Mom’s Home?

Aging in place is a common choice senior citizens make. Has your family thought about your options if something happens at your mom’s home? No one wants to think about worst case scenarios, but it’s important that you do and have a plan in place for different emergencies.

What if She Falls or is Sick?

If your mom falls, what happens then? Is her home set up in a way in which she will be able to safely move around while using crutches or a cane? Is her bedroom on a different level to the bathroom or will she need to sleep on a sofa?

What happens if your mom becomes sick? If she has the flu and can’t stand up for long periods of time, can someone cook for her or bring her meals? Is someone available to check on her and make sure she’s okay and that the virus hasn’t progressed into pneumonia? Until she recovers, she’s going to need help with daily chores and routines.

What if She Needs a Wheelchair?

If your mom has a stroke and requires a wheelchair now, is your mom’s home accessible? Can you have renovations made to widen doors and hallways, put in a ramp to the front door, and add stair lifts if she has stairs?

It may be too expensive or difficult to modernize an older home to accommodate a wheelchair. If that the case, you may need to sell her home and buy something that is ADA-compliant. Will that be feasible?

What if There’s a Fire?

Another thing people don’t like to think about is fire prevention. If something happens and there is a fire, have you talked about safe escape routes? Does your mom have a neighbor she can go to until the fire department arrives?

Once she’s safe, where can she live until her home is cleaned or rebuilt? It can take time for insurance money to arrive. Will she need emergency housing?

What if She Can No Longer Drive?

If your mom can’t drive her car due to failing vision, is she going to be isolated? You’ll need someone to be able to pick her up for appointments and to run errands. If that’s not possible,you’re going to have to look into transportation services.

Talk to a senior care agency about the ways caregivers help seniors who want to age at home. If your mom is sick, she’ll have someone to help her with chores and meals. If she can’t drive, she has a caregiver available for transportation. Call a senior care agency to discuss these and other helpful homecare services.

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