What Is it that Makes Driving More Difficult for Seniors?

Your senior may not want to admit it, but driving now is more difficult than it was for her a decade or two ago. There are a lot of reasons for that and they all impact whether she’ll be able to continue to drive on her own.

Home Care in Boynton Beach FL: Things That Make Driving Difficult for Seniors

Home Care in Boynton Beach FL: Things That Make Driving Difficult for Seniors

Reflexes Slow Down, which Increases Reaction Time.

Your senior’s reflexes just aren’t as fast as they used to be. She may want them to be at the same level as they were, but that’s just not possible. When reflexes slow down, that also slows down your senior’s reaction time. Actions that she was able to complete within a certain span of time now take longer. That means that from when she sees a reason to brake to when she’s actually able to apply her foot to the brake, she may be more likely to experience a collision.

Hearing and Vision Changes Make Reaction Time Even Slower.

As if it weren’t enough to have reflexes slowing down reaction time, your senior’s hearing and vision also slow it down. Hearing and vision are how your senior’s brain brings in information while driving. She hears another driver’s horn and she knows to look in that direction. Or she sees the driver in front of her turn on her turn signal and knows that something is about to change. But if she can’t see or hear well, she’s not getting the inputs that she did in the past.

Muscle Pain or Lack of Strength Are an Issue.

When your elderly family member is experiencing pain or muscle weakness, that impacts how well her body is able to do what it needs to do in order to drive properly. If she can’t press the brake hard enough to make the car stop, that’s a big problem. Combine that problem with a slower reaction time and you have a bigger problem. Exercise can help if your senior has lost muscle tone, but she’ll need to be consistent. Always talk with her doctor about whether exercise is the right option for her.

Multi-tasking Isn’t as Easy to Do.

As your elderly family member grows older, multi-tasking isn’t as easy to do as it used to be. Unfortunately when she’s behind the wheel, there is a lot of multi-tasking ahead of her. If she’s not able to juggle all of those tasks at once, driving is going to become too complicated for her to do safely.

Finding a driving solution for your senior sooner rather than later is a vital part of helping her to drive for as long as she can as safely as she can. Home care providers can take over the driving in certain situations, such as when your elderly family member isn’t feeling well or when the weather is bad. Gradually over time they may take over the driving more often.

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