What Causes Arthritis and How Can You Help Your Dad Manage the Pain?

Arthritis is a chronic health condition that about 3 out of 10 senior citizens have. If your dad is one of them, he deals with pain on a regular basis. That pain can make it hard to get enough exercise and keep up with housework. Here are some things you can try to help him manage the pain.

Elderly Care in Jupiter FL: Managing Arthritis

Elderly Care in Jupiter FL: Managing Arthritis

Understanding Arthritis.

Arthritis is a series of medical conditions that affect the joints. There are four main types of arthritis.

  1. Degenerative occurs when cartilage wears away causing the area where two bones meet to rub together. Bone rubbing against bone leads to stiffness, pain, and swelling. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of degenerative arthritis.
  2. Infectious arthritis occurs when bacteria, fungi, or a virus enters a joint and causes inflammation. Hepatitis C is one example.
  3. Inflammatory arthritis occurs when the body attacks the joints thinking they are an invader. That leads to damage in the joint and other areas of the body. Rheumatoid arthritis is a common form of inflammatory arthritis.
  4. Metabolic arthritis is caused when uric acid crystals build up in the joints. Gout is a common form of metabolic arthritis. Many cases of gout start in the big toe and make it impossible to walk or put pressure of any kind on the toe.

What to Do If Your Dad Has Arthritis.

Seek a doctor’s advice. For forms of arthritis like gout and infectious arthritis, there are treatments that can help. Inflammatory arthritis is treated with medications, too. In any of these situations, the doctor needs to work closely with your dad to make sure the right medications are given and that they are working effectively.

Diet and exercise can also help ease some forms of arthritis. For example, avoiding red meat, alcohol, and certain kinds of seafood is important if you have gout. Weight loss may help your dad manage degenerative arthritis.

Degenerative arthritis is also helped by using hot and cold pads, using over-the-counter pain medications like Advil, and knowing when to rest. Your dad needs to learn to listen to his body and take breaks when necessary. If he’s really struggling to get around, a cane may be helpful.

Does your dad have help at home? Elderly care services can help him tackle activities of daily living. He’ll have help with light housework, laundry, meals, and transportation. Caregivers offer friendship and can join your dad on walks or outings to stores.

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