Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s and What to Consider about Home Care Services in Fort Lauderdale FL!

Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia related illnesses do not occur overnight.  There are usually warning signs that build through the months and years of a person’s existence.  These warning signs could be easily missed by their loved ones.  However, the sooner that you begin to plan long-term care for your loved one who may be showing signs of Alzheimer’s, or how has been diagnosed with the disease, the better their prognosis will be for a positive life into the future.Home Care Services Fort Lauderdale FL

That includes considering home care services.  There are a number of options that are available to every family when it comes to Alzheimer’s care, and one of them is home care services.  Your loved one may be more comfortable in assisted living.  Nursing home care is also an option, though this is generally reserved for individuals who have major health related issues with the disease, or it’s progressed to a significant level.

It’s important to note that nursing home care tends to be the most expensive type of care, followed by assisted living.  The most affordable and, arguably, the best level of care for any elderly individual with Alzheimer’s is home health care services.  This is due to the fact that the elderly individual would be able to remain in the comfort of his or her home while dealing with the progression of the disease.

What are the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s?

For the most part, you may notice memory loss.  This doesn’t mean that your father can’t remember something that happened ten years ago, or even last week, but when the memory loss begins to affect daily life, then it could be a problem.

If your loved one begins to have challenges with problem solving, then this could be a sign that there is a problem.

If you notice that your loved one is having trouble completing tasks at home that should be familiar to him or her, this may indicate that they may be in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

If they are confused about the time of day that it is, or where they are, then this might also be another sign.  Of course, many of us have experienced this symptom from time to time, so on its own, as an isolated incident, then it might mean nothing at all.

If you notice any of these potential warning signs of Alzheimer’s, then it’s important to have your loved one’s doctor perform necessary tests.  If you find that your loved one has Alzheimer’s, home care is likely the best long-term option, so contact home care services as soon as possible and begin planning for the future.  The disease doesn’t have a cure, but it doesn’t have to steal away some wonderful years for your loved one, or the rest of your family.

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