Unexpected Situations That Stress Alzheimer’s Caregivers

No one can predict what Alzheimer’s care will be like. As your parent’s needs and abilities change, it can be alarming and unexpected. Here are situations families have encountered while offering senior care that they wish they’d known about in advance.

Senior Care in Fort Lauderdale FL: Unexpected Situations That Stress Alzheimer's Caregivers

Senior Care in Fort Lauderdale FL: Unexpected Situations That Stress Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Repeated Questions Get Asked and Can Seem Alarming.

You may have heard that Alzheimer’s can lead to repeated questions. It does. Some of those questions can be alarming. It’s not unheard of for someone with Alzheimer’s to ask over and over again why they can’t take a pill or jump out a window. When this is your parent, it’s heartbreaking to hear.

You have to stay patient and come up with a routine answer. If you find that hard emotionally, switch the topic. Point to a picture and ask your mom or dad where that picture came from or who is in it.

Memories of Who You Are That Go Quickly.

One man found himself floored when his mom forgot who he was. She’d never forgotten him before, and when it happened, it was completely unexpected. It didn’t seem like a gradual decline. She knew who he was one minute and had no idea the next.

If this happens, it does hurt. You can’t ignore that it hurts. All you can do is step out for a minute if needed. Remember that it’s not your mom’s love for you that’s ended, it’s just the disease affecting that memory at that moment.

Clothing Vanishes Repeatedly.

As one woman discovered, her mom’s Alzheimer’s could be financially draining, too. After spending $200 on new clothing and undergarments for her mom, she got a call from her brother a week later that only one shirt remained. Everything else had vanished. They tore the house apart trying to find it.

After installing hidden cameras, they figured out what was happening. Their mom was throwing things away. They couldn’t have their mom going without clothing, but they couldn’t keep buying it if she was going to have any opportunities to throw them out. They had to start supervising her 24/7 and checking the trash for good clothing.

Take Care of Yourself.

While caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s, you need to take care of yourself. Spend time alone. Go out with friends. Take a long bubble bath with a book you’ve been dying to read.

Alzheimer’s care can be stressful and is often linked to caregiver burnout. Breaks can help you avoid the stress and long hours that trigger caregiver burnout.

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