Tips for Talking to Your Senior About Their Weight Goals During Healthy Weight Week

January 22nd through 26th is healthy weight week. As a family caregiver, this is the ideal opportunity to talk to your aging loved one about their goals regarding their weight, and any weight loss they may want to pursue. This is particularly effective during this time as it is the beginning of the year and you can look ahead to all the opportunities the fresh year presents to you. Talking to your elderly loved one about their weight goals during this time is a great starting place for creating an approach designed to help him achieve and maintain the weight that is right for them.

Elder Care in Stuart FL: Talking About Weight Goals

Elder Care in Stuart FL: Talking About Weight Goals

Use these tips to talk to your senior about their weight goals during healthy week:

  • Ask them what they are thinking in terms of their goal weight, and how quickly they would like to pursue this goal. This can give you a good insight into what they are thinking about themselves and their pursuit of this end goal. Understanding this can help you to identify goals that are not realistic or that may even be dangerous.
  • Talk to a parent about why they want to lose weight. Make sure they are thinking in terms of their health, and that they understand the impact that weight loss can have on the various health conditions they are experiencing.
  • Talk to your parent about any previous weight loss efforts. Talk about the efforts your parents found successful as well as those they struggled with. This can help when creating the approach they’ll follow this time.
  • Encourage your parent to come up with ideas for how they are going to pursue their weight goals. These don’t have to be concrete plans, but talking to them about it can give you an idea as to where they are in their understanding of how they can lose weight in the most effective ways.
  • Assure your parent from the very beginning that you are there for them and will do everything you can to help them pursue their goals effectively.


Elder care can be extremely effective in helping your senior pursue their weight goals. An elderly home care services provider can provide support and assistance to help your parent pursue their weight loss efforts in effective and healthy ways. These services can include helping your parent grocery shop to ensure their home is stocked with healthy foods, meal and snack preparation, encouraging healthy snacking habits, supporting consistent hydration, assisting with physical activity, providing transportation to encourage more activity, and more. As a family caregiver, this can help you to feel more confident in your parent’s ability to pursue their weight goals and healthy ways as they age in place.

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