Terminal Elderly Care in Wellington FL: What to Know!

Jake’s mother had been sick for many years.  She had dealt with some serious health concerns for more than 10 years, and even battled cancer, but when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer that was inoperable, it hit the family hard.  Jake suddenly had to determine what to do about elderly care and what level of care was going to be right for his mother.Elderly Care Wellington FL

The first thing that he needed to know was how long the doctors expected that his mother would live.  When he talked to them, they were a bit evasive, unable to give him a good idea about her prognosis, but they eventually narrowed it down to four to six months.  They told him, that it could be less, and she could actually survive another year, but that was a long shot, at best.

So Jake had to determine what level of care she was going to need.  When discussing the situation with his doctors, he found out in the beginning, she would be fine living at home with just elder care services, such as an in home care provider who could live with his mother, or stop in during the day.

Eventually, his mother was going to need more direct nursing care, such as a hospice nurse who would stop in, and take care of her during the days, and then eventually at night.  He could certainly consider nursing home care during the future months, but Jake wanted his mother to be comfortable, and spend her remaining days in the comfort of her own home.

Jake consulted with a number of medical providers, and elderly care providers to find out what would be the best level of care for his mother.  He talked to them about live in care, as well as short-term care.  He found out that what his mother would need would most likely be around the clock.  She would be dealing with different levels of pain, and discomfort through the days, and would likely need help to get dressed at times.

This was a difficult process for Jake and his mother to go through and he didn’t really want to think about losing his mother, but ultimately, he knew he had to make these considerations.

Jake learned a great deal about elderly care, and the options that are available, but the one thing that he wished in the end was that he had learned about them much sooner. His mother was well cared for in her final days, and this was a great comfort to the entire family.

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