Talking about Driving and Senior Care in Boynton Beach FL!

Try telling my father that he was having trouble seeing the road while he was driving and you’d probably receive the same glare that I did.  However, his health wasn’t quite what it had been some time ago, and I knew that he was going to need some level of senior care at some point in the future.  We were also going to have to talk about driving.Senior Care Boynton Beach FL

He had been in a few fender benders through the years; he wasn’t the best driver in the world.  However, I noticed that he was beginning to make some bad choices while he was behind the wheel.  Last week he started to turn left to get on the highway, until I yelled at him that he was turning onto the exit ramp and was about to go the wrong way on the highway.

He was about to begin having senior care services coming by on a daily basis to help him out at home, they would also be able to drive him to the supermarket when he needed, to go shopping once in a while, and most importantly to get to his doctors’ appointments.  He wasn’t going to need to get behind the wheel much anymore, and frankly I didn’t think it would be a good idea, especially not when he was alone.

The problem is that driving has long been associated with independence in our country. When you are behind the wheel, when you first get your driver’s license, when you’re a teenager, it is a symbol of being able to go out on your own, about being able to get from one point to another without having to rely on your parents, siblings, or even your uncle who is a bit of a flake and never really remembered until you were already an hour late for work.

For elderly individuals, it can difficult to admit that their no longer comfortable behind the wheel, or that they don’t feel safe.  They may not even want to because they don’t want to lose that feeling of independence.  However, when your loved one is receiving senior care, depending on the services that they offer, he or she may not need to worry about driving anymore, especially if it’s a dangerous situation that they are putting themselves in.

The best way to talk about driving with your elderly loved one is to be direct, and honest.  Also, be respectful.  It may take a few discussions to get the point across, but in time you will.

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