Unexpected Situations That Stress Alzheimer’s Caregivers

No one can predict what Alzheimer's care will be like. As your parent's needs and abilities change, it can be alarming and unexpected. Here are situations families have encountered while offering senior care that they wish they'd known about in advance. Repeated Questions Get Asked and Can Seem Alarming. You may have heard that Alzheimer's can lead to repeated questions. It does. Some of … [Read more...]

Discover a Care Model That’s Benefiting Hip Fracture Patients

A report released by Geriatric Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation found that 21.2 percent of all hip fracture patients over the age of 65 died within a year of their injury. During the Anesthesiology 2017 Meeting, Dr. Qui of Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center demonstrated how the Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) care model improves a patient's outcome. What is the PSH Care … [Read more...]

What Is the Best Way to Determine Whether Your Elderly Loved One Needs Additional Help?

Senior Care in Fort Lauderdale FL It's not always easy for family caregivers to determine when their elderly loved ones could benefit from some extra help. Often they worry that helping too much can anger their elderly loved one, but it's important to get right level of help for her. Is She Managing Personal Care Alright? The first issue to look at for your elderly loved one is often one of … [Read more...]

Benefits of Fitness Trackers for Seniors

  Senior Care in Fort Lauderdale FL The latest trend in wearable technology is a variety of wrist-worn devices that can track not only steps taken but, in some cases, sleep and/or heart rate and some interact easily with weight management tools. For a senior in elder care, gaining the benefits of these trackers can be a wonderful way to gain some insight into what is going well for them and … [Read more...]

3 Ways Arthritis Can Impact a Senior’s Life and How Proper Care Matters

Senior Care in Fort Lauderdale FL Arthritis can affect people in many different ways. One of the most significant is that it can cause somebody to give up doing something they enjoy. For example, if arthritis affects a person’s fingers, the joints in their fingers, and they happened to use a computer on a regular basis, it can become extremely painful and difficult to type. Seniors who enjoy … [Read more...]

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