What is Your Backup Plan if Something Happens at Your Mom’s Home?

Aging in place is a common choice senior citizens make. Has your family thought about your options if something happens at your mom's home? No one wants to think about worst case scenarios, but it's important that you do and have a plan in place for different emergencies. What if She Falls or is Sick? If your mom falls, what happens then? Is her home set up in a way in which she will be able … [Read more...]

Have You Ever Considered the Difficulty Your Senior Loved One May Experience with Adapting to Changes especially when It comes to relying on Senior Care?

Senior Care Transitions in Boynton Beach, FL: Things to Know to Help Navigate the Changes “One Senior Man’s Acceptance near Boynton Beach, FL “ Tom was an energetic, spry individual, back in his youth. His friends often had difficulty keeping up with him. Through the years Tom noticed the changes in his life. As he moved through his 40s, he was moving slower, his body was not recovering from … [Read more...]

Senior Care in Boynton Beach FL: Tips for Common Signs that Your Loved One May Have Eye Problems

A common ailment that affects millions of seniors every year involves their vision. When it comes to sight, vision problems can be minor and they can also lead to a great deal of stress and anxiety, especially if the elderly individual doesn’t fully understand it, or they believe that it could threaten their independence.  As a result, they may be inclined to keep these potential problems to … [Read more...]

Talking about Driving and Senior Care in Boynton Beach FL!

Try telling my father that he was having trouble seeing the road while he was driving and you’d probably receive the same glare that I did.  However, his health wasn’t quite what it had been some time ago, and I knew that he was going to need some level of senior care at some point in the future.  We were also going to have to talk about driving. He had been in a few fender benders through the … [Read more...]

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