Four Ways Elderly Care at Home Helps Seniors Stay Independent

Living at home with a chronic illness or loss of mobility doesn't mean the elderly have to give up independence. Many think home care services will take away their freedom. It's just the opposite. Home care is meant to help the elderly embrace aging at home without fear or frustration. Here are four ways it helps. It Eliminates Loneliness and Isolation. As vision changes, it can be hard … [Read more...]

How Can You Care for a Senior Suffering from a Foodborne Illness or Infection?

Each year more than 48 million people suffer from a foodborne illness or infection. Also referred to as food poisoning, there are approximately 250 individual diseases categorized within the two main forms of the illness. As a family caregiver it is important to recognize that elderly adults tend to experience far more severe consequences associated with these illnesses, and can even die as a … [Read more...]

How to Care for Multiple Elderly Loved Ones as a Family Caregiver

Elderly Care in Stuart FL Caring for multiple elderly loved ones as a family caregiver is a touchy situation. You want to spend time with all of your loved ones, but some need more care or have more urgent needs than others. It can become a juggling act that you may not be sure you can handle. First Determine if There Are Urgent Needs If one of the elderly loved ones that you care for needs … [Read more...]

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