Myths That Might Keep Your Parent From Becoming an Organ Donor

Each day nearly 100 people in the United States receives an organ transplant and thousands more benefit from tissue donations such as corneas and skin. There are more than 100,000 people on the waiting list to receive an organ donation, but many will die before a proper match is found. Unfortunately, there are many myths that keep people from signing up to be organ donors. By going over these … [Read more...]

Why Do So Many Doctors Recommend Swimming for the Elderly?

Your senior's doctor may have recommended that she start exercising. In fact, one of the activities he might have mentioned could very well be swimming. It's a popular activity for aging adults and there are plenty of good reasons for that. It's Easy on Damaged Joints. Few exercises are as low impact as swimming is. The phrase "low impact" refers to the fact that there's no jostling or … [Read more...]

Do Women and Men Experience the Same Stroke Symptoms?

Elderly Care in Boynton Beach FL It is not difficult to say that caring for elderly women and men is different. There are different challenges, life experiences, and care considerations that need to be kept in mind. What you might not have prepared yourself for in your role as a family caregiver, however, is how various health complications and issues can impact elderly women differently than … [Read more...]

4 Skin Care Tips for an Elderly Loved One with Incontinence

Elderly Care in Boynton Beach FL Incontinence can be frustrating and embarrassing both for you and for your elderly loved one. Once you know how to take care of her skin properly, you can help her to avoid developing sores or other problems with her skin. Keep a travel pack ready that you can throw into a bag for day trips and appointments away from home. Use Cleansers That Don't Contain … [Read more...]

Laugh It Off: The Benefits of Laughing in the Elderly

Elderly Care in Boynton Beach FL What tickles your elderly loved one’s funny bone? Finding out may not only help reduce his or her stress, but reduce the stress of caring for them as well. When they feel better, you feel better. Sadness and depression are far too common in the elderly. This can be due to family loss, medical problems, mental decline and loneliness. These problems cannot be … [Read more...]