What Are the Activities of Daily Living?

Activities of daily living, called ADLs for short, are a way for you and for your senior’s medical team to determine how independent she truly is. These ADLs can help you to gauge when your elderly family member needs more help and the type of help she needs. Feeding Herself. Cooking may be difficult or consume too much of your elderly family member’s energy, but feeding herself is … [Read more...]

Communication About Elder Care is Key With Your Aging Parents

If you and your aging parent do not talk candidly about future care needs, you're setting yourself up for problems. As your parent gets older and home care becomes necessary, it's always best to have discussed worse case scenarios in advance. As one family found out, the lack of advanced planning can lead to stressful decision making. When a Spouse Dies Unexpectedly. In the family's case, … [Read more...]

How Can You Commit to Fitting Stress-relieving Techniques into Your Day?

Elder Care in Port St. Lucie FL If you're dealing with even a little bit of stress, you probably already know that stress-relieving techniques could be helpful for you. The problem is that you may not feel that you can work them into your existing schedule. Try some of these ideas to see if they help. Figure out Which Activities You Would Most Enjoy Do some soul searching to figure out … [Read more...]