Some Senior Care Myths about Sleep and Need to Snooze in Boca Raton, FL!

Is your loved one having trouble sleeping and up at all hours of the night?  There are several misconceptions that people are buying into regarding seniors and sleep.  The following are some senior care myths that need to be put to rest.Senior Care Boca Raton FL

  • Getting older means I need less sleep – fully grown adults typically require six to eight hours of sleep every night.  This is also true for the elderly.  Some seniors may even require a bit more rest than average if they are facing certain health conditions.
  • Playing catch-up with your sleep is okay – Some people believe that the hours of sleep they miss one night can be made up the following night.  We all have a “forbidden zone” which signifies a heightened period of wakefulness in the hours before your normal bedtime.  Most likely going to bed earlier than normal time will just result in you spending that extra time trying to fall asleep.  Should you happen to override your circadian rhythm, you may find that you feel groggier in the morning.
  • Alcohol in the evening will help me sleep better – There are experts who support each side of this argument.  While alcohol may help you fall asleep faster, it usually leads to more disrupted and fitful sleep.
  • Just because I am getting older, it doesn’t mean that my nightly routine has to change – As we age our sleep becomes lighter and can be easily disrupted.  However, there are factors that have an effect on our ability to sleep sound, such as light, mattress quality, medications, certain illnesses, pain, depression, and lack of routine.  Caffeine consumption can play a part in affecting your sleep.  Even if you were able to drink caffeine at all hours of the day and night as a young adult, you may have to change your caffeine intake routine as you get older.
  • Getting more than the normal amount of sleep is much healthier – studies have shown that people who slept more than 8 hours a night died younger than those who slept between 6 and 8 hours.  Long sleepers are at a higher risk for sleep apnea, depression, or diabetes.

These senior care myths regarding sleep may have been believed at one time, but scientists and studies have since proven them false.  Any questions or concerns regarding sleep patterns in the elderly should be addressed with the doctor.

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