Signs Your Aging Relative Needs In-Home Care

Family caregivers want their elderly loved ones to be safe and healthy, but all too often the most dangerous places for seniors is in their own homes. When their home environment is not adjusted for age-related challenges and the elderly person’s physical and mental abilities are in decline, it can be bad for their health. Anyone who wants their aging relative to maintain the highest quality of life needs to pay attention to any areas where they are struggling.

Caregiver in Stuart FL: Signs Your Aging Relative Needs In-Home Care

Caregiver in Stuart FL: Signs Your Aging Relative Needs In-Home Care

Because too many seniors try to hide the fact that they are having difficulties, it’s up to family caregivers to take notice. If they see the signs, family caregivers can explore hiring in-home care providers to lend a hand and ensure their aging loved one’s health and safety. Millions of seniors age in place at home, supported by family caregivers, friends, community services, and in-home care providers.

Here’s a list of numerous signs that an elderly adult needs in-home care providers:

Physical Health Issues.

  • Struggle with a health condition that limits their mobility.
  • Need a cane, walker, or wheelchair to get around.
  • Suffer with poor hearing or poor eyesight.
  • No longer have the strength or stamina for sustained activity.
  • Frequent stumbles, slips and falls.

Mental Health Issues.

  • Dealing with recent grief from loss of a loved one.
  • Early to middle stages of dementia.
  • Isolated, lonely, or withdrawn.
  • Refusing to socialize or even go on outings.
  • Diagnosed with anxiety or depression.

Housekeeping Issues.

  • Unable to keep up with daily cleaning.
  • Unsanitary conditions in the kitchen and/or bathroom.
  • Lack of maintenance, such as changing bulbs.
  • Slip and fall risk due to clutter and debris.
  • No clean clothes and linens but lots of dirty ones.

Meal Planning and Preparation Issues.

  • Inability to get to the grocery store regularly.
  • Empty refrigerator and cupboards.
  • Reliance on processed food and junk food.
  • Little to no fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Skips meals altogether.

Self-Care Issues.

  • Can’t or won’t bathe regularly.
  • Struggles with toileting.
  • Lack of ability or desire to groom themselves.
  • Difficulty grasping small things like toothbrush or hairbrush.
  • Unable to manipulate clothing buttons, belts and other fasteners.
  • Can’t remember to take medication or how much.


Family caregivers may find that their elderly loved ones are independent and capable with some aspects of daily life while struggling to take care of others. In-home care providers can be scheduled regularly to assist where they are needed. There’s no doubt that hiring an in-home care provider is the best answer to the problem of allowing an elderly adult to age at home but not jeopardize their health and safety in the process.

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