What Is the Best Way to Determine Whether Your Elderly Loved One Needs Additional Help?

Senior Care in Fort Lauderdale FL

It’s not always easy for family caregivers to determine when their elderly loved ones could benefit from some extra help. Often they worry that helping too much can anger their elderly loved one,Senior-Care-in-Fort-Lauderdale-FL but it’s important to get right level of help for her.

Is She Managing Personal Care Alright?

The first issue to look at for your elderly loved one is often one of the easier ones to spot. If your elderly loved one is having trouble caring for herself the way that she used to, that could be a quick sign. Issues to look for can include trouble bathing, trouble grooming herself, or even issues with getting dressed every day.

Is She in Need of Help with Housework?

When you visit your elderly loved one’s home, take a look around. If it seems that her standards for keeping the house up have declined significantly, this could be because the tasks are much more difficult for her now. Your loved one might benefit from some extra help with house cleaning, with tackling laundry, or even with grocery shopping and cooking.

Does She Lack Companionship?

It’s very common for elderly loved ones to become lonely. This can especially be true if your loved one is no longer able to drive herself where she used to go frequently. A decline in companionship can lead to depression and isolation, both of which are disastrous for your loved one’s mental health. Having someone stop in and spend more time with your elderly loved one or help her with transportation can solve this issue.

Is Greater Supervision Necessary?

In some cases, your elderly loved one may no longer be safe on her own. If her cognitive skills are suffering, she may not be able to logically determine that a situation is dangerous on her own. You may feel much better having someone else with your loved one when you can’t be there, so you may want to arrange schedules with other family members or senior care providers to ensure that someone is always with her.

Once you have a handle on what you need exactly, you can go about finding the right combination, whether that means yourself, other family members, or even senior care providers.

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