Senior Care in Coral Springs FL: It Can Be Too Much to “Go It Alone”, Home Care Can Help!

When you Know Senior Care is Too Much for You

Carrie was your typical, hard working mother of three children. She went to PTA meetings, saw all of her children’s plays and sports activities, and still made time to build a solid career for herself. When her kids were off to college, she thought that she would have all the time in the world to do just about anything that she wanted. For a while, she was right, but when her mother had a stroke, she figured that she could provide the ideal level of senior care that was needed. After all, when you raise three children almost single handedly, you can handle just about anything.

What Carrie learned through the months that turned slowly into years of trying to be the senior care provider for her mother was that sometimes she simply felt overwhelmed. She would talk to some of her closest friends about the problems that she was having, the feeling that she was giving up her entire life and that she didn’t think that her middle years would be spent looking out for her mother, but she would feel guilty whenever she talked this way because she felt as though it was her obligation to be the care provider for her mother.

Her friends suggested that she contact senior health care services but Carrie just assumed that would mean that her mother would end up in a nursing home. So she ignored the advice and just went through the motions of life. One night, while she was home alone having just returned from spending three hours taking care of her mother after a long day at work, with a glass of wine in her hand and an empty house, she was overcome with emotion. She broke down and cried and didn’t know why.

As she sat there, she began to finally admit, if only to herself, that this was more than she could handle. She knew that she had to get help because she had looked forward to being able to travel and get out and experience life again once her children had left home, but she felt as though she was trapped with another child in her mother. She hated feeling that way and when she finally contacted senior care services, she learned that what she was going through was common among family caregivers.

She also realized that she couldn’t provide the right level of care that her mother needed. She found the ideal level of senior health care services and since then, she and her mother have been having a much improved relationship and Carrie is able to get out and do the things that she had long hoped to do after her children went off the school.

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