Senior Care in Boynton Beach FL: Tips for Common Signs that Your Loved One May Have Eye Problems

A common ailment that affects millions of seniors every year involves their vision. When it comes to sight, vision problems can be minor and they can also lead to a great deal of stress and anxiety, especially if the elderly individual doesn’t fully understand it, or they believe that it could threaten their independence.  As a result, they may be inclined to keep these potential problems to themselves rather than tell anyone and then risk being unable to do some of the things they enjoy as in driving being one of them.Senior Care Boynton Beach FL

There are usually some common signs that could indicate that your elderly loved one is dealing with eye problems and the sooner that you recognize them, the better.  Whether your loved one receives any form of senior care or not shouldn’t matter when it comes to common signs of potential eye problems.

Keep your attention focused on some of these common signs:

  • Avoiding eye contact.  While a person with cataracts will generally have a cloudy looking pupil, it’s not always the case.  If your loved one is keeping from making direct eye contact with you, then this could be a sign that they know something is wrong, but they don’t want to disclose that to you, or anyone else, like a senior care service provider, for example.
  • Not engaging in conversation about a television program or movie.  When you watch a TV show or movie with the senior, does he or she normally get involved in discussing what’s on the screen?  If so and they are not engaging too much, it could be because he or she can’t see the screen well enough and they don’t want to give that away.
  • Having a Difficult time finding the right ingredients for a meal. If you’re having trouble seeing, then it could make rooting through cabinets a bit more challenging to find the right spices, canned goods, or other products that you want.  Your loved one could hide this problem by moving the items that he or she needs to the counter as well.
  • Squinting.  One of the most common reactions (or actions) that a person makes when they are having trouble seeing clearly is to squint.  If you notice your elderly loved one squinting more lately, it could indicate a vision problem.

If you suspect that your loved one could be dealing with some vision problems, don’t wait to address them.  When it comes to senior care, the earlier you address problems, the better.

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