Private Duty Home Care Services in Delray Beach, FL: Helping Your Dad Stay at Home Longer

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Is your elderly father starting to struggle a little bit with every day essentials? Maybe you’ve noticed he is not always changing his clothes, or he is often too tired by suppertime to fix a meal so he skips eating or resorts to toast and tea. He wants to stay at home, and there really is no reason to make him move. He is quite happy there. So now you are wondering what you should do!

You aren’t comfortable leaving him at home with no one there to help him, so the answer lies in bringing in someone who can assist him with all those things he needs help with. An in-home care provider (companion, nurses aide, homemaker service) is someone who can come into your dad’s home and help him with tasks of daily living so that he can stay in his home, just what he’s always wanted.

What are some of the things that a private duty home care companion or homemaker service can do? The answer is you can get almost any type of help your dad needs, right there in his home.

Here is a partial list of what the caregiver can do to help out:

  • Any kind of personal care your dad might need. For instance, help with bathing or showering, washing his hair and daily hygiene, getting dressed.
  • Homemaking and housekeeping type chores such as cooking a meal, cleaning up the kitchen after meals, light housekeeping such as sweeping, light yard work such as watering the lawn, laundry.
  • Transportation to doctors’ appointments, to the barber for a haircut, to a senior’s social activity etc.
  • Reminders to take medication.

If your dad is in need of home health services that go over and above a simple reminder to take his medications, then he may need in-home health care services.  With this service, a nurse will come in perform health-related duties and tasks. The home health service is a higher level than the home care service. Perhaps your dad could use a combination of both, depending on his health needs. If he only needs the health care 3x per week then he could have the private duty home care the other days of the week.

Some families like to share the caregiving burden by taking some days of the week where a family member comes in and becomes caregiver to dad or grandpa for a day and then on the other days, a professional caregiver from home care services can come in. Whatever works best for your family is the ideal situation.

The Activa companies consist of both Activa Home Health, a Medicare Certified and Joint Commission accredited Home Health Agency, and Activa Homecare, a licensed Nurse Registry that provides Private Duty home care services. Call today 561-819-4112.