Preventing Kitchen Accidents

As a family caregiver, you probably worry about your aging relative being safe in their home. One room of the home that is full of potential hazards is the kitchen. Older adults whose hands are affected by arthritis may not have the manual dexterity to avoid cutting or burning themselves. Or, they might slip on the tile floor and fall. Recognizing potential accidents can help you to keep your loved one safer. Some common ways people are injured in the kitchen are listed below.

Elder Care in Lauderhill FL: Preventing Kitchen Accidents

Elder Care in Lauderhill FL: Preventing Kitchen Accidents

Cutting Bagels.

Did you know that people cut themselves while cutting bagels so often that there is a medical acronym for the injury? Doctors call it BRI, or bagel related injury. Injuries occur when people cut bagels while holding them in the palms of their hand. Bagels should be placed flat on a cutting board, held down with the palm of one hand, and sliced through horizontally with a serrated knife.

Slipping on Wet Surfaces.

Spills happen in the kitchen. The trick is to clean them up right away. However, they can be forgotten in the rush to get something off the stove before it burns. The Food Network offers this tip for remembering to clean up spills: Toss a towel over the spill as a visual reminder to clean it up.

Washing Dishes.

Washing dishes doesn’t sound like it would be very dangerous, but it can result in nicks and cuts. To avoid injuries, put sharp utensils pointy end down in the dishwasher. If the older adult washes dishes by hand, they should leave knives on the counter and wash them one at a time instead of tossing them all in the sink. The knives are hard to see through the soapy water and feeling around for them could cause a cut.

Using a Cutting Board.

Obviously, any time an older adult is using a sharp knife, they are at risk for a cut. The risk can be increased if they place a cutting board on the wrong surface. If the surface isn’t flat, the cutting board could rock while they cut. Or, if the surface is slippery, the board might move. Cutting boards should always be used on flat, stable surfaces with ample space. To prevent slipping, try placing a piece of foam cupboard liner under the board.

If your older family member has been having accidents in the kitchen, an elder care provider can help them to cook meals safely. If the older adult enjoys cooking and doesn’t want to give it up, an elder care provider can do just the parts that are difficult for them, like cutting vegetables, opening cans, and carrying heavy pots. For seniors that don’t enjoy cooking, elder care can take over meal preparation, so they can still have healthy meals, but have more time to do the things they enjoy.

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