National Radon Action Month – What is Radon and How Does It Affect Your Dad’s Health?

The EPA named January as National Radon Action Month. Radon is not something you can smell. You can't see it. It is, however, a dangerous radioactive gas that can be present in homes and lead to serious health issues. Has your dad's home been tested for radon? Understanding the Dangers of Radon. Radon is a gas produced as other elements, such as uranium in bedrock, break down. It doesn't … [Read more...]

It’s National “Take the Stairs” Day – Can You?

Imagine standing at the bottom of the staircase and you quickly climb to the top without a second thought. For many, managing stairs is a daily challenge. Today is National Take the Stairs Day and Activa wants to take a step with those who can’t. If you or your loved one can’t manage stairs safely, we’d love to help!  We are a Medicare Certified Home Health Agency helping patients climb to the top … [Read more...]

Tips for Talking to Your Senior About Their Weight Goals During Healthy Weight Week

January 22nd through 26th is healthy weight week. As a family caregiver, this is the ideal opportunity to talk to your aging loved one about their goals regarding their weight, and any weight loss they may want to pursue. This is particularly effective during this time as it is the beginning of the year and you can look ahead to all the opportunities the fresh year presents to you. Talking to your … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Reduce Agitation for a Senior with Dementia

People with dementia aren't able to solve problems the same way that they did before they developed dementia. This can lead to situations in which they're agitated and upset because they have no way to correct what's going on. Here's what you can do. Check Her Comfort Levels. If your aging family member is experiencing discomfort on even a minor level, she might become agitated. This is … [Read more...]

What Is it that Makes Driving More Difficult for Seniors?

Your senior may not want to admit it, but driving now is more difficult than it was for her a decade or two ago. There are a lot of reasons for that and they all impact whether she'll be able to continue to drive on her own. Reflexes Slow Down, which Increases Reaction Time. Your senior's reflexes just aren't as fast as they used to be. She may want them to be at the same level as they … [Read more...]

Four Ways Elderly Care at Home Helps Seniors Stay Independent

Living at home with a chronic illness or loss of mobility doesn't mean the elderly have to give up independence. Many think home care services will take away their freedom. It's just the opposite. Home care is meant to help the elderly embrace aging at home without fear or frustration. Here are four ways it helps. It Eliminates Loneliness and Isolation. As vision changes, it can be hard … [Read more...]

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Parents’ House This Holiday Season

Now is the time when families start decorating their homes for the holidays. Sometimes, important safety tips get ignored in the desire to make a home festive. Make sure you're not making these three mistakes when you're decorating your parents' house. Scented Candles May Not be Advisable. Caregiver in Jupiter FL: Holiday Decorating Mistakes to Avoid If your parent is likely to forget a … [Read more...]

Could Your Senior’s Hip Be Broken?

Believe it or not, there have been people who fell and broke a hip and didn't realize that they did. Worse still, your elderly family member might have fallen and doesn't want you to know. So here's what to look for in terms of a possible broken hip. She's Unable to Move the Leg. Ask your senior to move her leg on her own. Pay attention to whether she has any range of motion and whether … [Read more...]

Unexpected Situations That Stress Alzheimer’s Caregivers

No one can predict what Alzheimer's care will be like. As your parent's needs and abilities change, it can be alarming and unexpected. Here are situations families have encountered while offering senior care that they wish they'd known about in advance. Repeated Questions Get Asked and Can Seem Alarming. You may have heard that Alzheimer's can lead to repeated questions. It does. Some of … [Read more...]

How Elderly Adults Overcome Barriers to Exercise

Too many elderly adults feel that their physical limitations due to age-related health conditions are a barrier to getting regular exercise. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Even seniors in wheelchairs or with significant physical challenges can reap the benefits of a regular exercise plan. Family caregivers can play a significant role in helping their aging relatives overcome … [Read more...]