How Elderly Adults Overcome Barriers to Exercise

Too many elderly adults feel that their physical limitations due to age-related health conditions are a barrier to getting regular exercise. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Even seniors in wheelchairs or with significant physical challenges can reap the benefits of a regular exercise plan. Family caregivers can play a significant role in helping their aging relatives overcome … [Read more...]

Nutritious Thanksgiving Dishes for Seniors

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday where friends and family gather to celebrate all they are grateful for with a delicious feast. However, Thanksgiving dinners have the potential to deliver a lot of unhealthy dishes and plenty of excess calories. Seniors who need as much nutrition as they can get often fail to focus on the more nutritious dishes that are available during Thanksgiving. Of … [Read more...]

Signs Your Aging Relative Needs In-Home Care

Family caregivers want their elderly loved ones to be safe and healthy, but all too often the most dangerous places for seniors is in their own homes. When their home environment is not adjusted for age-related challenges and the elderly person’s physical and mental abilities are in decline, it can be bad for their health. Anyone who wants their aging relative to maintain the highest quality of … [Read more...]

What is Deep Brain Stimulation?

If you have an older adult family member with Parkinson’s disease, perhaps you’ve heard talk of a procedure called deep brain stimulation (DBS.) It’s a kind of surgery that is used to control certain symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. If your aging relative is considering DBS, knowing more about the procedure can help you to be better prepared and assist them with making better informed decisions … [Read more...]

Is Your Senior at Higher Risk for Developing Diabetes?

Understanding the risks your senior faces is an important part of being an effective family caregiver. When you recognize the individual risks your senior is facing for particular health issues, such as diabetes, you can better develop your care approach to reduce this risk and keep your parent healthier, or identify when your parent might have developed this disease. Some of the risk … [Read more...]

Four Ways to Celebrate Eat Better, Eat Together Month

Every October it's time for Eat Better, Eat Together month. This is a time to take stock of how well you and your senior are eating and to make some plans to spend time eating together more often. Choose One Change for Your Senior's Diet. When you're making changes to how you and your senior eat, you shouldn't go overboard with the changes. Pick one thing to focus on for a week or even … [Read more...]

Could Your Parent Have Been a Victim of a Cyber Crime?

Use of the internet is rising every day, and for many people the thought of daily functioning without the use of a computer or mobile device is unimaginable. The internet is used for virtually everything these days, but that doesn't mean everyone is comfortable using it, or able to use it safely and effectively. Approximately 30 percent of elderly adults admit to never using the internet, and … [Read more...]

How Do You Make Your Mom’s Daily Routine Safer?

Aging at home is the popular choice for senior citizens. If this is your mom's choice, you can take measures to make it safer. Make sure you consider these six aspects of home safety when your mom decides to age at home. Is The Home Set Up for Fall Prevention? The kitchen, stairs, and bathrooms are areas where seniors are most likely to fall. With grab bars inside and outside of the … [Read more...]

It’s Never Too Late to Embrace Healthy Aging Practices

Don’t believe the myth that it’s too late for elderly adults to embrace healthy aging practices. In fact, there’s no better time for seniors to focus on their health and wellness. Because September is Healthy Aging Month, many medical experts and senior organizations are promoting awareness on ways for elderly Americans to improve their health. Seniors who struggle with physical or mental … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Relieve Chronic Pain in Seniors

Your aging relative relies on you and other supporters for help with their daily care tasks. They need you to help with tasks like meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, and helping them walk, drive, and get dressed. While you may have those duties under control with help from a senior care provider, you may be overlooking one important part of your aging loved one’s life—their pain … [Read more...]