Activa Home Health to Host Annual Skills Fair

Attention All Activa Home Health Clinicians...We look forward to seeing you at our Annual Skills Fair on Wednesday, October 25th! See the flyer HERE. … [Read more...]

Activa Presents New Program to Treat Insomnia without Medications

Activa Home Health is pleased to present its newest Specialty Care Program, called SomniCare, for the treatment of Insomnia without the need for sleeping pills.Treatment begins with a VirtuSOM in-home, overnight EEG test that will confirm an Insomnia diagnosis and for patients taking sleeping aids, find the lowest efficacious dosage through a titration process.Then Activa’s … [Read more...]

Join Activa Home Health in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease

Join Activa Home Health in the walk to end Alzheimer's Disease.  Help us raise funds and awareness for support and research! View the full flyer HERE … [Read more...]

National Respiratory Week is October 23 – 29: How Can Older Adults Improve Lung Health?

According to the American Lung Association, there are more than 11 million people in the United States who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and millions more don’t know they have it. COPD is a chronic disease in which the lungs become inflamed and breathing becomes difficult. People who have the condition suffer from symptoms like wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. … [Read more...]

Can Home Care Help a Senior Cope with Their Wandering Tendencies Effectively?

Approximately three out of every five adults who are living with Alzheimer’s disease will develop wandering tendencies. This is approximately 60 percent of those with the disease. Wandering can be one of the most dangerous issues related to cognitive decline, leaving seniors vulnerable to getting lost or ending up in hazardous situations such as wandering into traffic or ending up in a risky area. … [Read more...]

5 Toenail Care Tips for Family Caregivers

You are doing a wonderful job providing elderly care for your aging parent and providing for their needs from their head down to their toes. But how much do you really know about toenail care for elderly people? Just like other parts of the body, the toenails change with age, requiring you to take some time with your loved one’s feet. With this handy toenail tip list, family caregivers like you … [Read more...]

Does Your Mom Get Enough to Eat?

A study released by Feeding America and the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger states approximately 5 million seniors did not get enough food in 2011. Only 41 percent of qualifying seniors actually signed up for the government's supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP).This is concerning to experts who predicted that 3.9 seniors would be food insecure by the year 2025. It's … [Read more...]

Are There Assistive Devices for Aging Adults Who Have Trouble Seeing Well?

When your elderly family member starts to have trouble seeing well, you might wonder if there are any tools or devices that can help. New devices for vision-impaired seniors are developed all the time, so be sure to keep experimenting to find the right fit for your loved one.Flashlights and Task Lights.Many times lighting is one of the best tools your elderly family member can have in … [Read more...]

Tips for Communicating with a Loved One Who Has Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's disease creates a variety of changes for your loved one, most notably her communication style. Learning how to properly communicate with a loved one who has Alzheimer's disease can be complicated, but not impossible. Use these tips to help.Tone of Voice Can Be More Important than What You're Saying.People who have Alzheimer's disease are a little more sensitive to your tone … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Senior for a Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer causes more deaths throughout the United States than any other form of cancer. Up to a stunning 24,000 of these occur in people who have never smoked. As a family caregiver, these statistics illustrate how important it is for you to be informed about lung cancer and every step of the potential journey that could be ahead. One such step is a screening for lung cancer.Referred to … [Read more...]