Myths That Might Keep Your Parent From Becoming an Organ Donor

Each day nearly 100 people in the United States receives an organ transplant and thousands more benefit from tissue donations such as corneas and skin. There are more than 100,000 people on the waiting list to receive an organ donation, but many will die before a proper match is found. Unfortunately, there are many myths that keep people from signing up to be organ donors. By going over these myths with your senior you can dispel their misconceptions, address concerns, and help them to make an informed decision that can be meaningful for them as well as countless others.

Elderly Care in Boynton Beach FL: Organ Donation Myths

Elderly Care in Boynton Beach FL: Organ Donation Myths

Some myths that might keep your senior from becoming an organ donor include:

  • Health issues prevent donation. Your senior may believe that because they are living with one or more health issues, they cannot be an organ donor. This is not the case. Very few health conditions completely disqualify donation, and even with health issues, your parent might be able to donate tissues.
  • They have aged out of donation. There is no age limit for donation. People of all ages need donations, and people of all ages can make a difference by making these donations.
  • Donors don’t receive proper care at the end of their life. Your senior may worry that if they are an organ donor, their medical team will not take all steps to save their life. This is not the case. Organ donors are given the same medical care and attention as non-donors, and the issue of organ donation does not come into play until it becomes obvious there is no way to save their life.
  • Privileged people are given priority. Organ donations and their recipients are matched through a computer and issues such as income, celebrity status, and personal relationships are not given consideration.


As a family caregiver, enhancing your senior’s quality of life and helping them to live the life they want and deserve is your most important priority. This means addressing their physical health issues as well as their mental and emotional needs. When it comes to supporting their overall best life, bringing elderly care into your routine can be a meaningful and highly effective choice. An elderly home care services provider can offer your senior a wide variety of fully customizable services specifically designed to help them manage their health needs and challenges, stay safe in their home, and maintain more independence throughout their later years. This can greatly reduce your caregiver stress and support a stronger personal relationship between you and your aging parent.

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