Make Sure Your Dad’s Getting in His 2,000 Steps Each Day

In BioMed Central’s “How Many Steps/Day Are Enough? For Older Adults and Special Populations,” the authors look into the target numbers for seniors. After studying numerous reports, they summarized that healthy older adults should get at least 2,000 steps in every day. The more walking the seniors in the studies did, the better their overall health.

Home Care in Port St. Lucie FL: Taking 2,000 Steps Per Day

Home Care in Port St. Lucie FL: Taking 2,000 Steps Per Day

You want your dad’s mobility and balance to improve. You also want his blood pressure down. Walking is a good way to do it. Start him at 2,000 steps and build from there. Here are tips for making it happen.

Break it Up.

With an average stride, 2,000 steps are the equivalent of one mile. This may seem daunting to your dad, but he can break up his walks over the day and easily reach his goal. Drive around his neighborhood and use your vehicle’s odometer to measure how many miles the block or road is. Use that as the guideline for knowing how far to go.

If the block he’s on is a quarter mile, he’ll need to walk his block four times. He could split these walks and go out every couple of hours or do two laps during the time of day when the air temperature is coolest. If he’s on a road and it’s half a mile to the end of the road, he could walk there and back and meet his goal.

Invest in a Treadmill.

The weather may not always be ideal for a mile-long walk. Purchase a treadmill and make sure your dad is able to walk even if it’s bitter cold or pouring rain outside. You don’t have to spend a lot on a treadmill. Check local ads for used treadmills that are being sold for a low price or even given away. If you don’t see any, you can put in a wanted ad and hope someone can help.

Celebrate Success.

As your dad’s muscle tone and stamina improve, he may want to keep going. That’s great! Celebrate his successes in some special way. Each time he manages to add another 1,000 steps and keeps it up for a month, take him to a favorite restaurant, museum, or fishing spot as a reward.

Enlist the help of a home care agency to ensure your dad is getting out of his chair and walking each day. A caregiver can join him on walks and make sure he’s meeting his goals. Caregivers are also helpful at making sure your dad is staying hydrated and eating properly. Call us to learn more about having a caregiver helping your dad complete daily activities of living.

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