Limited Time for Home Care Services in Boynton Beach FL: What to Do If You Think It Should be Longer?

(A Story)

Brenda’s mother was receiving home care services because she had suffered an accident a few months ago and was in the hospital for more than two weeks.  When she was discharged, the doctors stated that she was going to need some extra care and help around the house.  Brenda found an inhome health care services provider with experience to provide the level of care her mother needed.Home Care Services Boynton Beach FL

Brenda’s mother’s insurance covered most of the in-home health care services and they only had pay a small amount out of pocket.  Ultimately, when it came time for home care services to end, Brenda believed that it should be extended for a longer period of time.  The reason for this was that Brenda noticed her mother continuing to have trouble getting around the house, and even struggling at times to get out of bed.

Brenda would go over to her mother’s house in the morning on most days to help her out of bed and to get dressed.  She knew with her busy schedule she wasn’t going to be able to keep up this level of care for long.  She didn’t know what to do, so the first thing that she decided to do was to contact the home health care services agency that placed the in-home care provider with her mother in the first place.

She discussed all of the options that were available to her and her mother and expressed concern that the home care services her mother was receiving would no longer be reimbursed by the insurance company. The administrative staff at the home health care services agency advised Brenda to discuss these things with her mother’s doctor.

When she made an appointment to sit down with her mother’s doctor, they discussed her mother’s health and well-being and the doctor, upon another consultation and visit with Brenda’s mother, agreed that she had not fully recovered from her injuries and should continue to receive some level of home care services for a few more months.

Brenda learned that the best way to deal with limited home care services, especially when you believe that it should be longer, is to contact your loved one’s doctor to discuss other options.  Brenda could have continued home care services for her mother, of course, but it would’ve cost them directly out of pocket.  She found a way to have home care services continue with the insurance company and offer reimbursement.

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