Legal Limitations when You’re a Family Caregiver in Boca Raton FL!

(A Story)

It was early in the morning when Mark got the call from his sister; their mother had suffered a massive heart attack, and had been rushed to the hospital.  They hadn’t planned anything when it pertained to their mother’s care, finances, or anything else.  She was in good health up to that point, and they simply didn’t think that this situation would ever come to pass.Caregiver Boca Raton FL

However, when she pulled through, the doctors told Mark and his sister that their mother was going to need constant, around the clock care for the first few weeks, and she recommended that they hire a professional in home care provider through an agency or other resource.

However, Mark’s sister was unemployed and they figured that they could save some money for their mother and she would be a fine caregiver.  During the first week when their mother was released, things seemed to go well enough.  Mark’s sister was attentive, and they were solely focused on making sure that she made a full recovery.

What Mark didn’t realize was that his sister was sifting through a number of their mother and father’s financial records.  Neither one of them knew what their parents’ assets had been, not even after their father passed away more than 10 years ago. They didn’t have a clue.  Mark’s sister was finding out about all sorts of retirement accounts, savings, and other money that began to change her focus.  She began to talk to her mother about power of attorney, and that she should be the one to manage her accounts for her because she was the oldest, and she was a woman (based on the notion that women are better at financial responsibility, in her words).

She also mentioned some topics about their mother’s will.  She began to draft up some new additions, or codicils to the will that she thought would be a good idea for her mother to add.  Mostly, it entailed the care that she was providing for her mother and that this should entitle her to more financial compensation in the will.

Mark didn’t know about any of this until his mother received a call from her attorney telling her that Mark’s sister was trying to add to the will.  Mark and his mother told his sister that she would no longer be caring for her.  There are serious legal limitations when you’re a family caregiver, so it’s important to understand what these are so that you don’t overstep the boundaries as she did.

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