Is Your Senior’s Lighting Making Her Home Dangerous?

Lighting is something that you might take for granted, but it can make a huge difference for your aging adult. Having too little lighting can make it easier for your senior to fall or to otherwise injure herself, so it’s vital to get a handle on the situation now.

Home Care in Fort Lauderdale FL: Lighting and Safety

Home Care in Fort Lauderdale FL: Lighting and Safety

Are There Enough Lamps and Fixtures?

Many homes have one overhead light in a room, but that might not be enough for your senior. She may need to have additional lamps and fixtures in order to make the room brighter. A variety of lamps and fixtures can also help. For example, a light near her favorite chair can help your senior to read more easily and a few lamps around the room can help to eliminate shadows that might accidentally create tripping hazards.

Are Bulbs Burned Out?

Older styles of light bulbs, such as incandescent bulbs, have a shorter lifespan than newer LED light bulbs. If you haven’t checked the bulbs in your senior’s home in a while, it’s a good idea to take the time to make a full circuit around the house. If you do run into burned out bulbs, replace them with LED bulbs. They’ll last a lot longer and they’re a little bit brighter, too. They’re also less expensive to operate, so your senior might see a tiny reduction in her overall power bill once you replace quite a few of the older bulbs.

Where Are the Light Switches?

As your elderly family member ages, some light switches might be more difficult to get to than they used to be. If that’s the case for your senior, it might be worth it to make some changes. Hiring an electrician can be expensive, but you can definitely connect lights to a motion detector. That way when your senior walks into a room, she automatically has lighting.

What Happens if the Power Goes Out?

The next big step is to have a plan in case the power goes out and your senior has no light at all. It’s a good idea to avoid open flames, so start stowing a few flashlights around your senior’s home. Make sure that she and other people who visit, such as home care providers, know where to find flashlights if something should happen.

If your aging family member feels as if it’s difficult to see even after you’ve improved her lighting, she might be dealing with low vision. Be sure to talk to her eye doctor about what else you can do to help your elderly family member to see as well as she possibly can.

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