Is Your Senior at Higher Risk for Developing Diabetes?

Understanding the risks your senior faces is an important part of being an effective family caregiver. When you recognize the individual risks your senior is facing for particular health issues, such as diabetes, you can better develop your care approach to reduce this risk and keep your parent healthier, or identify when your parent might have developed this disease.

Senior Care in Jupiter FL: Diabetes Risk Factors

Senior Care in Jupiter FL: Diabetes Risk Factors

Some of the risk factors that might make your parent more vulnerable to diabetes include:

  • Being overweight or obese.
  • Living an inactive or sedentary lifestyle. It is important to be physically active at least 3 times per week.
  • Having a family history of diabetes.
  • Being of an ethnicity that is more prone to the disease. Blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians tend to be at higher risk.
  • Being older. Approximately 25 percent of the population of aging adults is living with diabetes, and the risk for developing the disease increases with age.
  • Having a personal history of gestational diabetes during pregnancy.
  • High blood pressure, particularly if it is not well managed.
  • High blood cholesterol, particularly if it is not well managed.


It is important to note that just because your parent has these risk factors does not mean they are destined to develop the disease. There are ways you can help to protect them from the condition. If your senior is living with diabetes, talk to their doctor. They can give you recommendations for diet, lifestyle changes, and other steps you can take together to reduce the risk your parent will suffer diabetes.


If your senior is at increased risk for suffering serious health issues such as diabetes, having senior care as a part of their care routine can make a tremendous difference in their health and quality of life. A senior home care services provider can help your parent to understand their risks, and then make good lifestyle choices to help reduce their risk. For a senior at increased risk for diabetes, a care provider can help them to grocery shop for healthy foods, prepare healthy and satisfying meals and snacks, and encourage them to stay physically active. If your parent has been prescribed medications, the care provider can give medication reminders to help your parent remember when and how to take these medications to stay compliant. This can help your parent reduce their risk, but also manage the disease if it does occur.

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