Is Remote Elder Care Really Enough?

Technology has made it easier than ever to keep track of an aging parent without having to be there. Smartwatches like Fitbit can track your parent’s sleep patterns, location via GPS, pulse, and fitness activities. They can even track when you parent has a glass of water.

Video doorbell monitoring systems allow you to see who comes to your parent’s door. You can talk to that person and see if there’s a valid reason for them to be there. There are programs like Skype that allow you to video chat with your mom or dad. Medical alert systems make it easy for your parent to call emergency services with one press of a button. It’s all helpful, but is it enough?

Elder Care in Coral Springs FL: Is Remote Elder Care Really Enough?

Elder Care in Coral Springs FL: Is Remote Elder Care Really Enough?

Look at the Activities of Daily Living.

Activities of daily living are the tasks your parents need to perform every day. This includes showering and grooming. Your parent needs to cook healthy meals and eat them. Your parent needs to be able to dress appropriately for the weather. Exercise, housekeeping, laundry, and paying bills are all activities of daily living. Taking medications properly is also important.

There are activities that aren’t always daily but are equally important. Scheduling and going to checkups with a doctor and dentist is important. Driving to the grocery store for foods and other necessities. Socializing with friends. These are important, and technology isn’t going to help get them done.

You can use a computer to schedule an appointment, but the computer can’t drive your parent there. There are programs that can help remind your parent to take prescription medications, but it can’t physically see that your parent has really put the pills in their mouth and swallowed them. Technology can’t put the dirty clothes into the washing machine and into the dryer when they’re washed.

What Technology Lacks.

Technology can help make your parent’s life easier, but it can’t do everything. Your parent still needs human involvement. Your parent may need someone to cook meals, plan menus, and drive to the store. Caregivers can help your parent get enough exercise, join them for dinner, and help them make the bed and tackle the weekly laundry.

While technology has come a long way, it cannot replace companionship. Elder care services include many things that technology simply cannot match. Your parent can have someone change and launder the sheets and towels. Meal preparation and transportation are other options. Call us today to learn more.

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