Is Music Therapy Something Your Senior Might Benefit From?

As your elderly family member ages, it’s important to find new activities that she can enjoy and that help her to keep her brain tuned up. Music is one of those activities, although it might not be one that you think of at first. Music therapy classes add a social element, too, which can be another reason to consider these types of events for your senior.

Senior Care in Delray Beach FL: Benefits of Music Therapy

Senior Care in Delray Beach FL: Benefits of Music Therapy

Music Therapy Keeps Her Brain Active.

Music therapy involves both listening to music and creating it. Your elderly family member might participate by singing, by humming, or by playing musical instruments along with other people. This fires up her brain in different ways than other activities do. When she’s keeping  her brain active, she’s at a reduced risk of dealing with memory issues.

She Can Socialize with Other People.

Music really connects people with other people and your senior is no different. Your elderly family member might find it difficult to know how to reach out to other people her age now, but when she’s having a good time it’s much easier. This is really important if your senior doesn’t get out much anymore and is experiencing isolation and loneliness.

Singing and Playing Musical Instruments Is Fun.

Playing around with musical instruments doesn’t have to be about perfectly playing music. It’s a lot of fun to simply create sounds and to experiment with how sounds work together. Your senior might not have experienced a lot of spontaneous fun during recent years and this can be a chance to just play and to have fun.

She Can Do More Than She Thinks She Can.

Often near the end of her life your senior might start to believe that there’s not much that she can do anymore. But the reality is that she can do a lot more than she thinks. Engaging with music and playing around can help to show her that she can do more than she thinks she can. This can be a huge boost to her self-esteem and might even encourage her to try other activities that are new to her.

While you and your senior might enjoy music together, music therapy is often a group event. If you aren’t able to take her, this might be an event that senior care providers can take her to on a regular basis. That enables her to enjoy a social experience without having to worry about transportation or other issues.

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