Is It Ever too Early to Think About Your Mom’s Ability to Age at Home?

Your mom is perfectly fine at home alone. She walks her dog. She keeps her home clean. She cooks her meals. She even drives. That’s great. The thing is that it can change at any time.

Elderly Care in Delray Beach FL: Talking About Aging in Place

Elderly Care in Delray Beach FL: Talking About Aging in Place

One family found out the hard way. Their dad went for a routine check-up and was given a great report from his doctor. His cholesterol levels were right on target, his blood pressure was perfect. His pulse was fine. He was a few pounds overweight, but his doctor wasn’t too worried. Even his vision and reaction times were deemed suitable for driving.

The worst case scenario hit when he had a stroke while coming out of the shower. Doctors said he’d need to move into a nursing home for two months. At that point, he’d likely be bound to a wheelchair and would need help with meals, transfers, grooming, and housework. This is why it’s never too early to talk to your mom about aging at home. You want her to be able to give her input.

There Are Tough Questions to Ask.

Make sure you know what your mom wants in different situations. If something happens and she cannot take a shower or use the toilet without help, would she want you being the one to care for her? For many seniors, the thought of an adult child seeing them naked and weak is distressing. Your mom may insist that a trained caregiver is preferable in that situation.

How does your mom feel about giving up her keys? If she has to stop driving due to a health concern or worsening vision, is she okay with you driving her around? Would she prefer an elderly care professional who offers transportation?

Is your mom’s home suitable for her as her needs change? If she needed a wheelchair, can her house be adapted or would it cost too much? How does she feel about downsizing to an apartment or condo that is fully accessible?

Start Your Search.

Once you know what your mom likes and dislikes, start looking into elderly care options. It helps you narrow a list of must-have traits in a caregiver. She may want one specific gender. She may ask that you find a caregiver who has a common interest. You can use this information to interview elderly care agencies and find the best match.

Talk to a home care agency about the best time to hire a caregiver. Remember these people are experts and have more knowledge and insight than you might imagine.

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