How to Handle it if Your Senior Is Refusing Help

Having a senior continue to refuse help is frustrating for you and probably frustrating for her. If she truly doesn’t want or need the help, she may start to shut down communications with you when you continue to push. Here are some ideas for resolving the situation.

Elderly Care in Delray Beach FL: If Your Senior Refuses Help

Elderly Care in Delray Beach FL: If Your Senior Refuses Help

Listen to the Reasons First.

This is sometimes difficult to do, but stop and really listen to the reasons your senior is offering for turning down help. There may be some information you can glean from what you’re hearing. Keep in mind that what she might be saying could also be a cover for how she’s feeling. Try to figure out the emotions behind the words. It’s possible that she’s actually really frightened about what she’s facing and can’t handle the idea of more changes.

Is this What You Need or What She Needs?

You also need to assess whether what you’re offering to her is what she really needs or it’s something you need. For instance, your senior may still be driving and taking care of most of what she needs to do every day. But you might still be worried about her. She may honestly be doing fine, but your worry might inspire you to try to push harder to help. That’s more about what you’re feeling than what she might need.

Compare Your Goals and See Where You Can Compromise.

Your senior’s goals might include variations on trying to age in place, which is a common goal. You might want to know that she’s safe and happy while doing so. As a compromise, your senior might agree to help from elderly care providers a few times a week with more complicated tasks and you agree to back off a little bit. This compromise allows your senior what she needs and wants while you also get some of what you need and want.

Consider Whether Her Judgment Is Impacted.

In extreme situations, your senior may very obviously need more help and still refuse. It’s possible that cognitive difficulties are impacting her judgment and keeping her from making the best decisions she can. This type of situation may require you to take other steps to ensure she’s getting the help that she needs.

This is a difficult time for your aging adult. Her health can change quickly and it’s scary to think that she could be losing some of her cherished independence. Tread carefully and keep your senior’s best interests in mind at all times.

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