Home Care Services for Wellington FL for the Senior Who Refuses to Slow Down

(A Story)

Jacob had long been a person who had to remain busy.  No matter what he was doing, no matter where he was in his life, he had to keep on the move.  When he retired at the tender age of 79, it wasn’t because he really wanted to; it was more because his family thought it would be best, and they had been on his case about it for some time.  It was the same reason why he eventually agreed to accept the assistance of home care services.Home Care Services Wellington FL

He still remembers the morning that the in home care provider showed up at his door for the first time.  He was working on some project in the garage, though he couldn’t remember now if pressed.  The gentleman showed up and rang the bell and then, of course, he had to wait for about five minutes before Jacob actually made it up the stairs and around the corner and then to the front door to answer it.  Jacob counted five more rings and two knocks in that time.

Three months later and the gentleman, Ted is his name, stops by twice a week to make sure that Jacob has everything that he needs, which he claims isn’t all that much.  Jacob, though, wants to show his family, especially his children, and this in home care provider, that he doesn’t need anything, that he can keep going at the same pace that he’s always gone, which is usually full tilt.

However, even Jacob understands that his body doesn’t always cooperate and he’s gotten away with a couple of close calls when he has been up on a ladder or step stool trying to reach something high up on the shelf.

One of the reasons why his children were adamant about him having someone check in with him every couple of days (though they thought he required a bit more attention) was that they would call on occasion and he would be struggling, out of breath, and telling them that nothing is wrong.

While there is no way that Jacob’s family, or anyone else for that matter, can slow him down, it’s important to make sure that he doesn’t put himself or someone else at risk because he still feels as though he can do everything he did as a younger man.

If you have someone who can no longer keep up the pace of their younger self, though they don’t seem to understand this, then home care services may be able to provide the support that they need to ensure their safety.

Activa Home Health Care is available to assist with elderly care in the home at any time. Serving Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Wellington, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Lauderhill, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach and surrounding communities.